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the last few months it got pretty silent around CRIMSON FALLS, so let’s fill you in on what we’ve been up to!




At the end of 2011 it became clear that the cooperation with our new drummer Mitch wasn’t working smoothly anymore for both parties. So going separate ways was the best option to take. We’d like to thank Mitch for his time with CRIMSON FALLS & all the shows he did with us; especially our tour to Eastern Europe in 2010 and the weekendtrip to Denmark. We wish Mitch best of luck in his future drumming career as he’s certainly a talented drummer.


We’re very happy to announce that we already found a new drum monster in Youri Seynhaeve, known for his blasts & grooves in Leptotrichia & Naskar! We’ve been rehearsing with Youri for the last 2,5 months and we’re impressed by his skills, dedication & hard-working mentality. We believe that we’ve found the missing piece to complete our line-up and are thrilled to start working with him on new material. Youri will play his first show with us next Saturday 12.05.2012 at the Support Your Locals Fest in Heule with Outcast (15th anniversary show), Leptotrichia, The Ignored & United Blood. Youri hopes all of you will come over and buy him some beers!




After this show we’ll lock ourselves up in our rehearsal room again and finally get that new full cd written! New riffs, fresh ideas, parts of songs and new influences have been flying around the rehearsal room during the past months and we’re eager to set our mind to them and shape the new songs. We’ll take our time to give every new idea the attention it deserves, so we hope to be ready with the song writing process by the end of this year. Meanwhile we’ll still be doing a few shows here and there, not too much, to try out some new stuff. Interested bookers can get in touch at [email protected]!




Santa was late this year! Two months ago we finally received our brand new ESP guitars! From that point on we’ve been playing on our Stephen Carpenter 7-strings; Jay on the telecaster, Kristof on the B7. Needless to say we’re honoured with this endorsement and playing on these new babies is a joy! Check them out:




We decided it’s time to clean out our closet and set up a big summer sale! This is the time to get some older CRIMSON FALLS merchandise! Here’s the deal:

  • All shirts can go at 7 euro!      (postage excluded)
  • Buy our debut full cd ‘The True      Face Of Human Nature’ and get a True Face shirt; FREE!
  • If you order two or more items      you get at least one cd out of our distro FREE! Here’s the list to choose      from:


AXAMENTA – ‘Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture’
BARBARITY            – ‘Enough Graves For Everybody’

BLOOD REDEMPTION – ‘Shadowbreed’

BLOOD REDEMPTION – ‘s/t’       

COERCION – ‘Delete’

FLESHMOULD – ‘The Lazarus Breed’      


MOKER – ‘Translating The Pain’    

MOKER/OUTCAST – ‘Split cd’

ORDEAL – ‘Atrocities’

OMERTA – ‘Blacken The Days Of Man’


SUHRIM – ‘The Cunt Collector’      

TEAR IT DOWN – ‘Truth Be Told’                                    

THE SEVENTH – ‘Cursed Earth Wasteland’

V/A – ‘FYU Compilation IV’


So; cheap as fuck! Check it all out at crimsonfalls.bigcartel.com!


That’s it for now! Expect a new update on our song writing and new full cd after the summer holidays.



greets, take care,






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