Allright, Sunday afternoon we arrived home after our 8-dates European Tour to Eastern Europe! We had an amazing time playing and travelling through Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the other countries we’ve been to. Beneath you can find a short tour-report consisting of the updates we posted on our facebook along the road. We also shot lots of vids before, during and after the shows, so some stuff will come online pretty soon as well.

Here’s already a vid of ‘The True Face Of Human Nature’ live @ Ground Zero, Brasov, Romania on Tuesday 02.11.2010. Good Times!
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_CTLBBRw_I&feature=autofb

Here’s the tour report:

Allright, the first three gigs of our Euro Tour went great! Last Friday we played at Double Deuce in Foetz, good to see lots of people came out to support Hills Have Eyes, Crimson Falls and 3 local bands! The day after we drove to Cernosice (near Prague). Expect for the fact that it was fuckin` freezing cold there, the most important thing we can tell you about this show is that it was a complete NUT-HOUSE! Czech kids sure know how to party! Third show was in Puchov, Slovakia with the mighty God Defamer; another very nice evening! Today we have a day off and we spend all day driving through Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Now we`re chilling with the very nice dudes of Stuck In A Rut in Cluj-Napoca; tomorrow we`re off for three dates in Romania; Brasov, Bucharest and Craiova.

Ow yeah, our three Romanian dates were awesome! First we played at Ground Zero in Brasov; the crowd went completely crazy! Apparently this was the first Deathcore show in this city ever; ain´t that nice? The afterparty with Iacob and the Play Or Die Crew was lots of fun as well! The day after we drove to Bucharest; the biggest city in Eastern Europe. We played at Underground Club with She´s Dead. Very cool club; cool place to play. And then yesterday we drove to Craiova to play a show at Dream On. The guys of Relish Booking did a great job gathering all the hardcore kids and metaldudes of the city; making this the first Death Metal-Deathcore show in this city as well; sure we like that! Straight after this show we left Craiova for a 14-hour drive towards Vienna where we play tonight! Ow boy; this was a crazy drive; horns up to our roadie/merchdude/driver/nurse/cameraman/Bjorn-limiter Bud for driving the first 7 hours to the border with Hungary! Awesome job dude! Some parts of the road where horrible, surely around Drobeta Severin, but we made it. Now we are chilling a little at our friends Guy´s and Natasha´s place in Vienna; getting ready for tonight´s show!

Yesterday we arrived home safely after our European Tour! The last two shows took place at Escape Rockcorner in Vienna, Austria (Friday) & Merz in Braunschweig, Germany (Saturday). Unfortunately our show in Vienna suffered a little from the fact that there were 3 other shows in the same city that night; among which one with Volbeat & one with Sabaton. Still we had a good time @ the Escape and thanks to the guys from Catapult Promotions to set this show up as we really needed it to get back from Romania. The show in Braunschweig was a perfect closure to our tour; a packed place, good atmosphere, nice people & a great afterparty. That’s the way we like it! We’d like to thank all the bookers, all the kids coming to the shows, all the people who’s place we crashed & showers we used and everyone we partied with! To us this was an amazing tour with some kick ass shows and experiences we’ll never forget! People who have pics or videos from our shows; please send them to [email protected] Now we’ll first take some time to relax and work on some new shit. At the end of november we’ll be back with some more shows together with our buddies in As They Burn, Fatal Recoil & When Blood Burns!

Korki Buchek in the house,

horns up!


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