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We can announce that we’ll be doing a weekend tour to Denmark in August! On Saturday 14.08.2010 we’ll be playing at the DAY OF DECAY Festival in Aalborg together with kick ass acts such as Neaera, War From A Harlots Mouth, Impious, Trigger The Bloodshed & A Traitor Like Judas! The day before the fest we’ll be warming up at The Rock in Copenhagen together with our buddies in Stigma. Will be cool meeting them again after the Euro Tour we did with them last year.

This will be the first time CRIMSON FALLS will play in Denmark; needless to say we look forward to this a lot!

13.08.2010 – The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark – with: Stigma…
14.08.2010 – Day Of Decay Fest, Baghuset, Aalborg, Denmark – with: Neaera, War From A Harlots Mouth, Impious, Trigger The Bloodshed…

Meanwhile we’re working on a lot more shows for the following months, including a new Euro Tour & a Belgian weekend-tour with AS THEY BURN from France. We’ll give a complete overview of our upcoming shows in a few weeks!

Our next two belgian dates are comming closer as well; we hope to see you on one of the following occasions:
30.07.2010 – Massdeathtruction, Cinex, Namur, Belgium – with: Cattle Decapitation, Incantation…
02.08.2010 – Deathcore Fest, Vortn’ Vis, Ieper, Belgium – with: Ignominious Incarceration, And Hell Followed With…


For those who start to get a little bored during there holidays; there’s a recent interview online at Snooze Control; a new webzine:

Check it!

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