Welcome to the brand new Crimson Falls website!

It was about time we finally launched a new website as we had this url lying around for some time without actually using it. Now we finally got around to it! Nothing too fancy, just an informative website next to our social network accounts at MySpace, Facebook and some others. Design and programming by David Damen (dafmetal). Check it out, we hope you like it!

Together with this new website we’ve got some excellent news to share with you; so here we go:

Crimson Falls is excited to announce that Michael Steveninck will be the new CF-drummer! Michael is 18 years old and a new talent in the scene. He replaces Sigi Loots who left the band at the end of 2009. Mitch already played his first shows with us in Foetz (Lux), Ieper & Oostende and that was a blast; literally. Despite his young age we believe Mitch is the right man for the job and his skills, speed & musical taste will blow a breath of fresh air through the band. Of course we are trilled to have a complete line-up again and put the band’s pace at the maximum again. Expect new shows, new (weekend-)tours, new songs & new recordings asap!

Michael had to say the following about joining Crimson Falls:

I’m honoured to be a part of one of Belgians finest deathcorebands, Crimson Falls. I’ve been waiting quite a while for such an opportunity to come around, yet I could never even think of being offered a place in a band of this caliber. Therefore I feel it is my duty to put the same passion and dedication as Sigi Loots in the songs and to give myself 200% at every show. With joining Crimson Falls, I do not only join a great band but also a great group of creative, interesting individuals whom I look forward to work with.

We would also like to thank our interim-drummer Friso Van Wijck again for stepping in after Sigi’s abrupt departure. Thanks to Friso we didn’t have to cancel any shows and he gave us the chance to take our time to search for a new permanent drummer. Those who visited one of our shows earlier this year will know Friso did an amazing job. Thanks mate!


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